SVP Workbook On-Demand


SVP Course Description / Objectives

The SVP Workbook is comprised of classification schemes based upon clinical presentation, examination findings, and ultrasound imaging for the user to review.  The user will identify the SVP classification for the case and obtain immediate feedback.  The Venous Classification workbook includes patients presenting with all four manifestations of pelvic venous disorders – symptoms of renal venous hypertension, chronic pelvic pain, and extra-pelvic symptoms involving the genitalia and legs.


  1. Identify the symptoms of Pelvic Venous Disorders (PeVD) and potential patterns of reflux/ obstruction.
  2. Understand why similar clinical presentations may have different underlying pathophysiology.
  3. Gain expertise in using SVP to classify patients with Pelvic Venous Disorders.
  4. Increase the user’s knowledge of the appropriate evaluation of patients with Pelvic Venous Disorders.

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